Do you find it hard to meet mature women online? You’re probably looking the wrong way!

Until recently, online dating in the UK was exclusively available for younger people. Mainstream apps like Tinder and Badoo have set their sights on immature teenagers that don’t have anything to do in their lives and for the most part don’t know what they want. If you ever managed to bump into an older woman that was able to speak like an adult, you were starting to suspect that someone is messing with you.

Let me tell you what probably happened when you started using these apps. You actually did find some matches, but these little girls were denying any chance for a real date, even for something as simple as having a cup of coffee together! Others fail to even respond to your messages after 5 minutes. There is a chance that you were blaming yourself for all that. That you do or say something that they don’t like. That, in the end, you don’t have online dating “in you”. Well, you’re wrong! You just didn’t know where to look. These apps don’t have any sense of control over who uses them and practically anyone can make a profile. That’s why there are a lot of frauds and fake profiles.

This toxic environment eventually pushed every single 40 year old woman that was looking for a real man out of these apps. Let’s be real, no mature woman would ever try to seriously use an app like Tinder for example. So, where are all these women? Did they just give up on online dating? Of course not! The majority has found a new home on the dating site mentioned below that targets exclusively women above 35 years old and the men that want to date them. We in Yourdatingsites tried it and to put it mildly WE WERE IN SHOCK! It’s a whole different dating experience from what you’ve been accustomed to.

True Life Partner: Find high-class, elegant 40-somethings that want something different in their lives!

As its name suggests, True Life Partner is a place for all these well-educated people with a great character that somehow didn’t manage to find the right person in their lives. Most of the users have excellent working careers in a wide range of fields, but understand that now is the right time to settle down and find someone that matters. Happiness and achievements don’t mean anything when you don’t have someone to share them with!

And do you remember the randomness of all the usual dating apps? True Life Partner has scientific personality tests that match you with the right people, according to your personality. This innovative approach has fascinated especially the female audience and the site now boasts an even distribution between men and women. (Find another dating site that can claim this and I will personally go and register there right now) It’s really hard to NOT find a woman that likes you in True Life Partner!

It goes without saying that the registration is absolutely free, so if you somehow don’t like what you see, you can get out of there without spending a penny. But let me tell you this: Around 50% percent of the people that signed-up in 2019 have actually went out on a real date with a person they met online! This rate is mind-boggling even to the creators of the page, who mentioned that this has surpassed even their most optimistic predictions.

So don’t waste any more time reading this and start filling up your free personality test. With every question that you answer honestly, the better the chances for the algorithm to match you with the woman of your dreams!